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Some kind words....

Now I am not a hat person such was the case until I met Clare, I was looking for something to go with a wedding outfit when she suggested a hat...I was not too keen but the more I thought about it I thought what have I to lose? 

Clare did her “thing” special gift really tailor making a hat that would not only suit me but that I would love. She involved me in every part of the process to make sure that I was on board in the choice of material, colour, trim etc. and always asked for my ideas. 

My hat was made to complement my wedding outfit but it can easily be tweaked for a less formal occasion. Clare creates hats that are original and that make you happy.  It is as much part of my wardrobe as is my little black dress.

I would definitely use Clare’s hat skills again as not only is she ready to share her ideas on how best to wear your hat for different occasions but she becomes part of the people you trust to give an honest opinion on what really suits you.

Her customer service is the best and with one hat you will have made a very wise investment.


Kathy T

What do I recommend? Everything!

Clare is the kindest, most creative, professional individual I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

She is wacky. She is funny. She is SOOOO talented. Her designs are sublime, from wacky to creative to elegant to whatever YOU want.

I cannot recommend highly enough Clare and Copper Top. Try them. I guarantee you will be thrilled with what Clare creates for you.

Karen J 


This lady is one of the most talented and creative souls that I have ever met.

Whatever she turns her hand to will be a passion project.

Gill PB 

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